Tesla Exhibition in Los Angeles

26 November 2022 03:34

Tesla's electric cars are the star of a new exhibition in Los Angeles. The show retraces the brands early up to its latest models. Today, Tesla is a world leader in electric vehicles and clean energy technology.

The museum states that "Inside Tesla: Supercharging The Electric Revolution" is the most comprehensive collection of the brand's vehicles ever curated. It's an in-depth look into the past, present, and future of the electric automaker over its almost 20 years of existence, through 12 never before seen or rare vehicles.

The exhibition highlights the design process of a Tesla and takes visitors right inside the cars. It also shows how manufacturing is automated. Another highlight of the exhibition is the 2021 model s plaid. Tesla claims the model s plaid has the quickest acceleration of any vehicle in production. The cyber truck is a highly anticipated pick-up truck unveiled in 2019.