President Joko Widodo Speech At G20 Summit Opening

16 November 2022 05:24

Indonesia's President Joko Widodo opened The G20 Summit in Bali Tuesday (15/11/2022) by saying there was no other option but to end the war. In his opening speech, President Widodo said that if the war does not end it will be difficult for the world to move forward.

Although President Widodo did not specific mention war in Ukraine in his speech but it becomes public knowledge that currently war in Ukraine following Russia's invasion is ongoing. President Widodo encourages all people to not divide the world into parts or allow the world to fall into another cold war.

Discord over Russia's war on Ukraine and festering tensions between the US and China are proving to be ominous backdrops for world leaders gathering in Indonesia for a summit of the group of 20 biggest economies. With recession looming as central banks fight decades-high inflation partly brought on by the war the US treasury secretary had said on Monday (14/11/2022) that ending the conflict would be the single best thing for the global economy.