Cianjur Earthquake: Government Prepares 16.5 Hectares of Land for Rehabilitation of Residents' Settlements

N/A • 1 December 2022 01:13

Almost two weeks after magnitude 5,6 earthquake hit Indonesia's Cianjur, the regional government begins its rehabilitation and recostruction process, by doing land clearing where new houses will be built for the victims. Cianjur government prepares 16, 5 hectares land in three locations, 10 hectares at Cipendawa Village, four hectares at Mande Village and 2,5 hectares at Sirnagalih Village, for relacation purporses.

For victims who their houses are badly damaged, they will be relocated in these three locations. Most of the victims who will be moved to these three locations are from cigeunang district, the hard-hit area. All relocation process is led by the public works and public housings ministry.

More than 50 thousand people are displaced because of the earthquake, and they  are now still living in tents.

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(Heri Dwi Okta R)