Thousands Protest Vote Recount in Serb-run Bosnia Region

27 October 2022 01:29

Tens of thousands of people rallied in Bosnia on Tuesday, to demand that electoral authorities end a recount of ballots from a contested general election this month and confirm a staunchly pro-Russian politician as president of the country’s Serb-run part.

Carrying photos of Bosnian Serbian politician, Milorad Dodik, and waving flags of his alliance of independent social democrats or SNSD party the protesters accused the country's multi-ethnic central election commission of attempting to subvert the will of Serb people to choose him as their leader.

After accusing western and non-Serb Bosnian politicians of hating and trying to erase Bosnia's Serb-run administrative part Republika Srpska, Dodik says he will continue to lead the region as its President.

Dodik has claimed victory in the October second race for the President of Republika Srpska but his main contender Jelena Trivia insisted he had rigged the vote and claimed she was the winner.

The October election included races for all levels of government in the Balkan country’s Serb-dominated and Bosniak-Croat parts as well as for the joint central institutions that link the two.