Magnitude 5,6 Earthquake Cianjur, 310 People Died

26 November 2022 02:29

Death toll from the Magnitude 5,6 earthquake that hit Indonesia's Cianjur this Monday, rose to 310 in the fifth day of rescue efforts according to authorities. Search and rescue operations continue underground and today alone , joint search team continues to evacuate victims that were burried by landslides, casued by the tremor in Cugenang, Cijedil Village. 

So far, they have found 13 bodies from that location, eight of the victims were a student and teachers from Al-Azhar Kindergarden School, who had joined an event in the saronggae area. The victims consist of one man one child and six women.

According to Indonesia’s National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) as of Friday (25/11/2022) the death toll from the earthquake rose to 310 and 24 other are still missing. From the monday's tremor over two thousand people were injured and over 56 thousand houses damaged.

Meanwhile another data collected from Indonesia's National Police's Identfication Team saying that they have managed to identify 130 bodies as of friday, (25/11/2022).