Chinese Traditional Clothing on High Demand

21 January 2023 01:06

The 2023 Chinese Lunar New Year known as 'Imlek' will be celebrated within 3 days in Indonesia. At Gede Traditional market in Surakarta, Central Java, the demand for Chinese traditional clothing is increasing 75% compared to previous year's sales.
Gede market is known by locals and most foreign tourists as the biggest local factory outlet and  tourst attraction in Surakarta. Pasar Gede sells various fashion styles and clothing from traditional ones such as batik, religious clothing, casual modern and much more.
Various Chinese traditional clothing is in high demand from children's fashion, shirts to the famous Chinese oriental dress with intense red and golden yellow colors. Rabbit ornaments and emblems are mostly found to add the nuance of this year's shio or Chinese zodiac the water rabbit.
Prices range vary from 45 thousand rupiah to 80 thousand rupiah. Most visitors purchase  clothes for the big day that will be celebated on Sunday January 22nd in Indonesia.