Indonesia to Make Smallholder Palm Oil More Sustainable

9 March 2023 02:25

The Indonesian government is making efforts to make smallholders palm oil plantations more sustainable by revising a number of regulations that previously hampered the rejunevation of smallholders palm plantations. In fact, in 2023 the government is aiming to rejuvenate up to 200-thousand hectares of palm oil plantations.
In a bid to make smallholder palm oil production more sustainable, the Indonesian government have revised a number of regulations.
One of them is the agricultural ministry's regulation number three, which has been revised as clauses on peat protection and others have been removed as they previously hampered the rejunevation of smallholder palm plantations.
Indonesia's Minister of Agriculture Syahrul Yasin Limpo said that 2023 will be the year when smallholder palm plantations will be made even more sustainable, also as part of bid a to increase production and boost cpo exports.
In fact, this year minister Limpo is targetting to rejuvenate up to 200 thousand hectares of palm oil plantations.
Palm oil is one of our most powerful strategies and it has proven itself, even in times of the pandemic, (indonesia's) export growth was above idr600 trillion, 90% of it was palm oil and other plantations.
The Indonesian government have also been unable to reach their target of rejuvenating 180 thousand hectares of palm oil fields per year.
Nevertheless, the government have admitted this and will make a big push and are confident that 200 thousand hectares of palm oil plantations will be rejuvenated this year.