19 Dead Following Fire At Pertamina's Plumpang Fuel Depot

7 March 2023 07:17

On Friday the third of March, a deadly fire engulfed the Plumpang fuel depot in Jakarta. The fire spread to surrounding residential areas killing at least 19 residents.
This amateur footage shows the explosion that followed shortly after the fire that engulfed the Plumpang fuel depot in the Koja Sub-District of North Jakarta.
The fire began at around eight PM and quickly spread to nearby homes.
The fuel depot is situated in a Densely populated residential area, and as of Monday, officials say that at least 19 people were killed including two children.
The incident was also highly concerning / because the Plumpang fuel depot supplies 20 percent of Indonesia's daily fuel needs and holds 25 percent of the fuel distributed at Pertamina fuel stations across Indonesia.
Because of its importance, the Plumpang fuel depot is categorized as a national vital object or facility.
Despite the incident, Indonesia's state-owned oil company, Pertamina has ensured that as of Saturday morning, the depot has begun operating again as normal.
Although the depot handles 20 percent of Indonesia's daily fuel supplies, Pertamina has guaranteed that supplies of fuel are adequate and there is no need for concern.