US Treasury Secretary Ensures Bank of America is in Good Condition

N/A • 18 March 2023 02:21

Testifying before the senate finance committee, US Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen Declared, that the us banking system is sound, and that Americans can feel confident about their deposits, Thursday (16/3/2023). 

Thursday's hearing, meant to address President Joe Biden's budget proposal, comes after the sudden collapse of the nation’s 16th-biggest bank, and the go-to financial institution for tech companies. 

In less than a week, silicon valley bank collapsed after depositors rushed to withdraw money, amid anxiety over the bank’s health. Just days after, regulators announced that New York-based signature bank also failed.

The government then stepped in, ensuring all depositors, including those holding uninsured funds exceeding USD250 thousand, were protected by federal deposit insurance.

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