74 Killed in Sichuan Earthquake

N/A • 8 September 2022 00:39

At least 74 people were killed and 26 missing in a 6 point 8 magnitude earthquake, that shook China's Southwestern Province of Sichuan on monday. The quake triggered landslides and shaking buildings in the Provincial capital of Chengdu.
Authorities are continuing all out rescue efforts, as rescuers have transferred more trapped people to safe areas by repairing more damaged roads to the epicenter to send emergency relief.
In Qinggangping village, Moxi town of luding county, where raging torrents from a local river destroyed a bridge leading to the village, firefighters waded through the rapid water and built a temporary wooden bridge so as to relocate the villagers to safety as soon as possible. Nearly 300 villagers, including 29 injured, had been relocated to safety.
Sichuan which sits on the edge of the Tibetan Plateau where tectonic plates meet, is regularly hit by earthquakes. In 2008, a 7 point 9 magnitude quake killed nearly 90 thousand people in Sichuan.

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(Rulif Augheri Nail)