Global Market Analysis

N/A • 16 March 2023 02:27

Now let's take a look at the global stock markets, which saw some bounce back and recoveries, after sharp drops on Tuesday, following the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank. First, let's start in the Asia Pacific region.

Stock markets were mostly higher in Asia today, in Japan, the nikkei 225 was up by 0,03%, in Hong Kong, the hang seng index gained by 1,5%, and in South Korea, the Kospii ndex also gained by 1,3%.

Asian markets bounced back on Wednesday, as investors were optimistic that the contagion risk from the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank could be contained. With that let's move on to The US, where markets also rebounded last night.

This is on Tuesday in The US, the dow jones index gained by 1% one percent, the s&p 500 was also up by 1,6%, and the tech-heavy Nasdaq rose by 2,1%.

During pre-market trading, a slew of banking shares also rose, as investors are growing optimistic that the fallout from Silicon Valley Bank can be contained.

Earlier this week, The US Government took emergency measures to protect all the deposits at the bank, and ensure customers can have full access to their funds.

Now let's move on to Europe, where markets were trending lower, as banking stocks were still in negative territory.

Here are some of the market numbers in Europe as of 9:29 AM London time on Wednesday. At that time, The German setra dax was down by 0,6%, while The London FTSE 100, was also down by 0,9%.

Unlike The US and Asia, sentiment among banking shares was still low, on early Wednesday, banking stocks were trading 3% lower.

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(M. Khadafi)