Food Shortages in The U.K

3 March 2023 05:08

Some major supermarkets in the UK have been forced to ration the number of salad items each customer can purchase amid food shortages.

Empty fruit and vegetable aisles in UK supermarkets have led some to impose limits on the number of items customers are permitted to buy.

Dwindling supplies of products including tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers have prompted the stores to impose limits on sales. It's a real concern not only for households but for businesses within the food industry whose survival depends on easy access to produce.

For one chef, Enzo Oliveri the shortages have forced him to change his restaurant's menu. For suppliers, the shortages aren't a surprise with some blaming the government for ignoring warning signs amid the rising costs of energy.

Experts say the cost of operating vast greenhouses has led to the shortages but the shortages aren't only down to the energy crisis bad weather in Spain and morocco affected their salad exports and uk farmers weren't able to fill the void.

Ged Futter, a former supermarket executive says UK farming is in decline as retailers chase lower prices and oportunity for foreign imports.

Government ministers and supermarket bosses are working on easing the shortages but for now shelves in many supermarkets remain empty.