Anwar Ibrahim Sworn as Malaysia's New Prime Minister

25 November 2022 00:56

Malaysia’s Reformist Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim was just sworn in as the country’s Prime Minister. Soon after Majelis Raja-Raja, a supreme council consisting of kings in Malaysia decided to appoint him this morning.

Anwar emerged victorious and the appointment was also ending days of uncertainties after divisive general elections produced a hung parliament. Anwar rise to the top will ease anxieties in the multiracial nation. The stalemate was resolved after the long-ruling bloc led by the united Malays national organization agreed to support a unity government under Anwar.

The stalemate came as Anwar's coalition did not pass parliamentary threshold. Anwar’s alliance of hope led Saturday’s election with only 82 seats, short of the 112 needed for a majority.

While former Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin’s right-leaning national alliance won 73 seats, with its ally Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party came up as the biggest single party with 49 seats. Anwar is senior politic figure in Malaysia. He had spent many years in prison caused by various politic-related cases.