Largest 3D Printed Rocket Set to Lift Off Later This Week in Florida

9 March 2023 01:21

A rocket made by the world's, largest metal 3D printer is set to lift off, from Florida this week.
American company relativity space has created a 3D-printed rocket and is gearing up for its launch.
The manufacturer hopes to pave the way, for a new era of space exploration. Standing at only 34 meters tall the rocket is smaller than the atlas and Falcon 9 rockets.
Despite its size, the terrain 1 rocket is capable of lifting 2,000 kilograms, into low-earth orbit.
The terrain 1 rocket, is set to lift off from launch complex 16 later this week  at cape canaveral space force station in Florida.
It would be the first flight of a 3D printed rocket leading the way into a new era  of space exploration.