Indonesia's New Tech Licensing Rules

21 July 2022 00:43

Indonesia's Ministry of Communication and Informatics urged tech companies to register under new licensing rules by Tuesday, July 20th. Google and Twitter have yet to sign up, which could mean their services will be temporarily blocked in Indonesia.

The Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Informatics new licensing rules, requires tech companies to register their platforms into the electronic system operators list.

These platforms must disclose certain user data, and ensure they remove unlawful content, or content that is deemed inappropiate or harmful. All tech companies have to register within 24 hours.

The new rule is also to ensure that the tech companies are able to provide services in the Indonesian language.

Director general of information technology applications, Semuel Pagerapan, said companies must adhere to  this new licensing regulation, if not they will be reprimanded, fined and finally blocked.