U.S. Alliance Finish Exercise Cartwheel 2022

N/A • 22 September 2022 00:30

The 11-day exercise cartwheel in Fiji Began September 12 and ends Friday. It involves  United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand and ends this week.

New Zealand and Fijian Military officers told that the joint training was valuable towards the need to work as a "collective whole"  in the face of security threats as the traditional allies counter china's growing influence in the region.

A US Navy Commander said, the name of the exercise originated from 'operation cartwheel' during world war two,  in which United States fought alongside the militaries of Australia/ New Zealand and Fiji to neutralize the Japanese base at Rabaul in Papua New Guinea. 

Previously united states has promised greater engagement with the south pacific after China and the Solomon Islands signed a bilateral security treaty. Meanwhile, Australia's new government under prime minister Albanese plans to establish an Australia-Pacific defense school to train neighboring armies in response to China's potential military presence on the Solomon Islands. 

Pacific becomes new front of conflict between US Alliance and China.

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