Indonesia Government Officials to Use Electric Cars

17 September 2022 01:00

Indonesia continues to push forward with its use of electric vehicles in an official directive. Indonesian President Joko Widodo is even ordering government officials and even the police and army to use electric vehicles.

On the 13th of September President Widodo issued a presidential order instructing various leading government officials that they must use electric vehicles for their official duties. The home affairs ministry will now set up regulations regarding the use of electric vehicles in regional government offices and regional state companies while the finance ministry has also been tasked with allocating funds for procuring electric vehicles for government officials.

Meanwhile the presidential order entails that government officials from cabinet ministers to governors, regents, and mayors will have to use electric vehicles. The chief of the national police and commander of the armed forces will also have to follow suit.

This is all part of Indonesia's push towards the wider adoption of electric vehicles partly to help achieve the country's goal of reaching zero net carbon emissions by 2060.