Protesters Urge President Marcos Jr to Protect Their Country's Claim in South China Sea

16 July 2022 07:44

A number of people staged a protest in Manila Philippines on Tuesday, urging new President Ferdinand Marcos Junior to protect their country's claim in the South China sea.

The United States Secretary of state, Antony Blinken renewed a call to China to comply with a 20-16 arbitration ruling that invalidated beijing's vast claims in the South China Sea. He also warned that washington has an obligation to defend its treaty ally Philippines if its forces vessels or aircrafts come under attack in the disputed waters.

However China did not participate in the arbitration rejected its ruling as a sham and continues to defy it bringing it into territorial spats with the Philippines and other southeast asian claimant states in recent years.

besides China and the Philippines other southeast asian countries such as Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan and Brunei have had overlapping claims in the busy waterway which is believed to be rich in undersea gas and oil deposits and where an estimated five trillion US dollar worth of trade and goods, are shipped through each year.