Asean Foreign Ministers Special Meeting

28 October 2022 00:49

A day before ASEAN's foreign ministers held a special meeting in Jakarta to discuss the situation in Myanmar, Cambodia as the chair of ASEAN this year has issued a strong statement towards Myanmar.

The statement was published on October 26 as said "We are deeply saddened by the growing casualties and immense suffering that ordinary people of Myanmar have endured". 

The statement was issued following the launch of military airstrikes over a music concert in Kachin that killed at least 80 people this week.

The Thursday meeting itself was evaluating the implementation of a five-point consensus that was agreed upon between ASEAN's leaders and Myanmar's military leader last year a few months after the military coup happened there.

Thursday's ASEAN chairman statement stated that undoubtedly the situation on the ground remains critical and fragile and this is not due to the lack of commitments and efforts on the part of ASEAN and the special envoy but because of the complexity and difficulty of Myanmar’s decades-long protracted conflicts which has been further exacerbated by the current political crisis.

According to the statement, the meeting agreed that ASEAN should not be discouraged but even more. Determined to help Myanmar to bring about a peaceful solution the soon as possible.

It says ASEAN needs to act together with respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity and the interests of the people of Myanmar at the core.