Following Deadly Fire, Plumpang Fuel Depot to be Relocated

8 March 2023 02:04

Following the deadly fire and explosion at the Plumpang fuel depot that killed at least 19 people. Indonesia's state-owned enterprise minister Erick Thohir confirmed that the depot will be moved to another location.

The Plumpang fuel depot is categorized as a vital national facility as it supplies 20 percent of Indonesia's daily fuel needs. However, it poses a massive hazardous risk as it is currently located near a densely populated area.

Following the deadly incident, Indonesia's ministry of State-owned enterprises has decided to move the Plumpang fuel depot to an area of land owned by the pelabuhan indonesia or Pelindo company.
Indonesia's Soe's minister Erick Thohir said that the relocation will be the best solution for both ensuring Indonesia's fuel supplies and ensuring the safety of those who are living near the depot.
The relocation will start at the end of 2024 and take two and a half years to complete but will include a safety buffer zone of at least 50 meters between the depot and its surrounding areas.
meanwhile, following the deadly fire last Friday, Indonesia's President Joko Widodo has instructed Indonesia's Soe's minister and the Governor of Jakarta to quickly find a solution to relocate those living near the Plumpang fuel depot, as the incident confirmed that the area is highly dangerous and cannot be used as a residential area.