Wage & Fuel Cash Assistance Distribution

27 October 2022 01:50

President Joko Widodo ensured the distribution of fuel cash assistance across Indonesia have reached 99,7 percent of its target. The remainder will be allocated to remote areas and regions that are difficult to reach. Seanwhile the distribution of wage subsidy cash assistance has reached 72% of its target. 

In his visit to Balikpapan, in East Kalimantan President Widodo distributed fuel cash assistance and wage subsidy assitance to 200 beneficiary representatives. Each receipent of the fuel cash aid is given Rp300 thousand and for each wage subsidy aid reciepent is getting 600 thousand rupiah,

The president also had a dialogue  with local residents of Balikpapan who were the beneficiaries of the cash assistance and he reminded the people to spend the cash aid wisely especially  on staple goods kids' schooling and other basic neccessities.

In Balikpapan there were 13 thousand recipients of fuel cash assistance and as many as 49 thousand recipients of wage subsidy assistance. 

Meanwhile on the same occasion the Minister of Manpower, Ida Fauziyah said that the distribution of wage subsidy assistance has reached stage six which is distributed through state-owned banks with the total distribution of 71,46%. As for the remaining benefits for recipients who don't have a bank account the aid will be distributed through pos Indonesia the state-owned postal company.