Australias Helicopter Crash

N/A • 3 January 2023 03:39

At least four passengers were killed and three others seriously injured after two helicopters collided in an Australian tourist hotspot on Monday.

Speaking at a news conference, Gary Worrell, acting superintendent of Queensland state police, said one helicopter appeared to have taken off and the other landed, when they collided near the Ocean World amusement park on Main Beach, North Beach on Gold Coast.

One helicopter landed safely on a sandbank, but debris from the other was scattered over an area, which police said was difficult to access.

The dead and the three most seriously injured were all on board the helicopter that crashed and those on the other helicopter, which lost its windshield in the crash, also received medical assistance. Earlier, the Queensland Ambulance Service said thirteen people were being examined for injuries.

Meanwhile, Australian transport safety bureau chief commissioner Angus Mitchell said an investigation into the cause of the crash was under way.
(Shania Iswandani)