Basarnas again Found 3 Victims of the Cianjur Earthquake

30 November 2022 01:20

In the nineth day of emergency response for Magnitude 5,6 earthquake that hit Indonesia's cianjur and surrounding areas, three more bodies were found, two women and a men, Tuesday (29/11/2022).

The death toll from the natural disaster as of tuesday afternoon has reached 326 and six people have yet foun, according to the national search and rescue agency (basarnas). The main obstacle that has been faced  by rescuers to find the missing person, is bad weather, as continued heavy rain pouring every day.

The startegy that has been applied is to do search and rescue efforts in the morning, as raining often falling in the afternoon hours. Rescuers have to put extra caution of potential landslide during their works. Considering rains have caused unstable soil in the area. 

So far, more than 50 thousand people who survived from  the natural disaster are displaced and must stay in tents or temporary shelters, because their houses have been damaged.