Russia's Alliance Holding Vostok Drills

3 September 2022 02:58

Russia launched weeklong war games, the vostok-22 drills, involving forces from China, and other nations, in a show of growing defense cooperation between Moscow and Beijing. 
Russia's Defense Ministry shared footage of russian and Chinese ships, sailing in the sea of Japan. The maneuvers are also intended to demonstrate that Moscow has sufficient military might for massive drills. 
The Russian Defense Ministry said, The Vostok 20-22, which means east 20-22 exercise, will be held until September 7th, at seven firing ranges in Russia's far east, and the sea of Japan, and involve more than 50 thousand troops, and over 5 thousand weapons units, including 140 aircrafts and 60 warships.

Russian general staff Chief, General Valery Gerasimov, will personally oversee the drills, involving troops from several ex-Soviet Nations, China, India, Laos, Mongolia, Nicaragua and Syria.