Indonesia's Extreme Weather

N/A • 29 December 2022 02:01

Indonesia has been currently experiencing extreme weather in some parts of the country caused disasters, such as landslides, floods, rob, and sea accidents. 

In banyuasin regency, South Sumatra, a cargo ship carrying coal is sinking on Wednesday morning due to high tides there. The cargo ship's 36 crew were rescued and taken to nearby seaport.

Meanwhile, the authority concerns about marine polution that may cause due to the incident as the cargo ship was carrying 46 ton of fuel when it was sinking. Meanwhile in Maros, South Sulawesi, heavy rains have caused landslide that cut of Trans Sulawesi Road connecting Maros-Bone.

Besides trying to clean the road, search and rescue operation has been conducting simulteniously to find five missing people. One victim that was burried under the landslide materials was found Wednesday but the victim has died. 

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(Christine Sheptiany)