Heavy Rains Cause Severe Flood in Central Java

6 January 2023 00:54

Extreme weather continues affecting various parts of Indonesia, especially in Central Java province where many regencies in the northern part of the coastal area such as Kendal, Pati, and Kudus.

Flash floods caused by torrential rains hit Kendal regencies until Thursday (5/1/2023). Besides flash floods, heavy rains have also triggered landslides in at least 14 locations there. Flash floods have damaged tourist spots, houses, and public facilities along river banks as well as buried some roads with the materials carried. No casualties have been reported so far.

Meanwhile, in Pati regency floods have yet to recede on Thursday (5/1/2023). Thousands of houses are still submerged and the water level stays between 70 centimeters to one point five meters high.

Over 45 villages situated in seven districts are still inundated and police and local authorities continue urging residents to evacuate themselves to dry locations. In Karang Rowo Village, for example, 390 households are affected by the flood.

Floods keep spreading to more areas there and the level of water has passed one meter in some locations at Kudus Regency, Central Java as of Thursday (5/1/2023) afternoon. The regional government has issued disaster emergency status since January 2nd, 2023.

so far more than 48 thousand and 100 people are affected by the floods in 28 villages in five districts. The floods inundated houses, worship places, public facilities, and government offices.