Streets Submerged by Floods in Central California

12 January 2023 00:37

Sinkholes swallowed cars and floodwaters swamped towns and swept away a small boy, as the US State of California, was wracked by more wild winter on Tuesday, while the next in a powerful string of storms loomed on the horizon.

Millions of residents faced flood warnings, nearly 50,000 people were under evacuation orders and more than 110 thousand homes and businesses were without power because of heavy rains, lightning, hail, and landslides.

At least 17 people have died from storms, that began late last month, Governor Gavin Newsom said the storm that began Monday, dumped more than 45 centimeters of rain in Southern California Mountains and buried Sierra Nevada Ski Resorts in more than 1,5 meters of snow.

Neighborhoods were underwater with cars submerged up to their roofs. Residents ordered to evacuate carried whatever they could salvage on their backs as they left in the rain.