Taiwan Conducts Air Defense Drill Simulating Response to Chinese Attack

19 August 2022 00:20

Taiwan is staging military exercises to show its ability to resist Chinese pressure to accept Beijing’s political control over the Self Governing Island following new rounds of threatening drills from China. Taiwan's air force conducted Anti Air drills with missiles and cannons  on Thursday (18/8/2022) simulating a response to a Chinese missile attack.

Soldiers attached to air defense and missile command were seen operating the taiwan-made sky bow 3 Anti air missile and oerlikon 35 milimetre Anti-air cannon during the drills in response to a simulated missile attack from the people's liberation army. Taiwan is under threat after Chinese people's liberation army launched 11 'Dongfeng' ballistic missiles off the Northern, Eastern and Southern coasts of Taiwan on August 4th intending to intimidate Taiwan.