North Korea Missile Tests

8 November 2022 01:33

North Korea's military said Monday, its recent barrage of missile tests were practices to attack its rivals' air bases and warplanes and paralyze their operation command systems, showing the North's resolve to counter provocative US-South Korean military drills "more thoroughly and mercilessly".

North Korea fired dozens of missiles and flew warplanes last week, triggering evacuation alerts in some South Korean and Japanese areas, in response to massive US-South Korean air force drills that it views as an invasion rehearsal. US and South Korean officials strongly condemned the North's missile launches, saying their drills were defensive in nature.

Some experts say North Korea likely aims to use the US-South Korean military drills as a chance to modernize its nuclear arsenal and increase his leverage in future dealings with Washington and Seoul.

US and South Korean militaries have been expanding their regular military drills since the May inauguration of conservative South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol who has promised to take a tougher stance on North Korean provocations.