Myanmar Army Rampage Villages, 17 Civilians Killed

8 March 2023 03:04

In Myanmar, soldiers rampaged through several villages, raping, beheading, and killing at least seventeen people in the latest of what critics of the ruling military say are a series of war crimes.
According to members of the anti-government resistance and a resident who lost his wife the bodies of seventeen people were recovered last week in the villages of Nyaung Yin and Tar Taing in Sagaing Region in Central Myanmar.
they said the victims had been detained by the military and in some cases appeared to have been tortured before being killed.
meanwhile, a member of the people’s defense force the armed wing of the banned pro-democracy movement who went to the location after the incident took place released footage of bodies lying in a field and piled up on carts.
Myanmar has been in turmoil, since the military’s February 2021 seizure of power from the elected government of Aung San Suu Kyi prompted nationwide peaceful protests that security forces suppressed with deadly force.