Open Pit Mine Collapses in China

24 February 2023 03:34

At least four people were dead several were injured and about 49 others were missing after an open pit mine collapsed in China's Northern Inner Mongolia region.

The video which aired on China's CCTV showed a massive wall of reddish dirt or sand rushing down a slope onto mining vehicles moving below.

More than 300 rescue workers operating 129 rescue vehicles were participating in the search.

The company running the mine inner Mongolia Xinjiang coal industry company was fined last year for multiple safety violations ranging from insecure access routes to the mining surface to unsafe storage of volatile materials.

Meanwhile, rescue teams continued to search for missing people rocks and dust fell down from the hilltop one hundred eighty meters above the mine on Wednesday burying mining machinery and workers.

The death toll of the coal mine collapse in Alxa league on Wednesday rises to 4 people and the number of missing is 49 people.