Dozens of ethnic Uighurs Demonstrate in front of The Chinese Consulate in Istanbul

2 December 2022 00:51

Dozens of Uyghur protesters gathered outside the Chinese consulate in Istanbul, Wednesday (30/11/2022). They protested a fire last week in China’s northwestern Xinjiang region, that killed 10 people and injured nine.
The incident began when fire in an apartment building came amid stringent lockdowns, that have left many residents in the area, stuck in their homes for more than three months. it broke out thursday night in the regional capital of Urumqi, where temperatures have dropped below freezing after dark.
Deaths and injuries were caused by inhalation of toxic fumes, with those taken to the hospital all expected to survive.  So far, an initial investigation appeared to show the fire was sparked from a power strip, in a bedroom of one of the 15th-floor apartments.
While in Tokyo, protesters took to the streets  on wednesday to support Chinese, who have called for that country's leader to step down. Dozens of protesters, who mostly Chinese, held signs in Japanese, chinese and english and chanted slogans including 'no more lockdown' and 'we want freedom'.
Many who had gathered wore masks and sunglasses not just because of covid-19, but out of concern that they are recognized by chinese authorities, and that their families back home could face repercussions.