Italian Design Day 2023 Exhibition, Introducing Italian Culutre to Indonesia

10 March 2023 03:19

Inaugurated by Italian ambassador Benedetto Lateri on Wednesday the exhibition is open to the public until April 6, 2023. There are 31 industrial product designs from various companies in Italy featured in this exhibition.
Director of the Italian cultural institute Maria Battaglia admitted that the exhibition was intended as a showcase of the creativity and technology of industrial design in Italy.
Maria hopes that the collaboration between the Italian embassy and the Italian cultural institute will be able to introduce Indonesian to Italian culture, especially the Italian language.
On the same occasion/ the designer and curator of the "created in Italy" exhibition Odo Fioravanti/ admitted that the purpose of this exhibition was not only to introduce the creativity of Italian companies but also to create new ideas for something that was considered difficult.
Fioravanti also said that this exhibition covers all areas of the creative industry because it not only showcases products but also tells the concept and history of the creation of the products displayed.