Deadly Fire Breaks in Gaza Refugee Camp, 21 People Killed

N/A • 19 November 2022 00:16

A fire that broke out on thursday evening  in  a refugee camp  in the Northern Gaza strip killed at least 21 people. It also becomes the worst deadly fire in past few years.

The blaze erupted on the third floor of a three-storey building in the crowded jabaliya refugee camp. Local authority said that fire broke out from a kitchen, later it is indentified coming from a gas explosion.

Flames were seen spewing out of the windows of the burning floor as hundreds of people gathered outside on the street, waiting for fire trucks and ambulances.

Palestinian authority has asked israel to open its border with Gaza for emergency evacuations of those injured who need advanced medical care to palestinian hospitals in the west bank and Jerusalem.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas offered condolences to the families of the dead and declared Friday a day of mourning.

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