Manila Protest Ahead Marcos Jr Key Adress

26 July 2022 01:15

Marcos jr. Will deliver his first state of the nation address Monday, with momentum from his landslide election victory, but he's hamstrung by history, as an ousted dictator's son, and daunting economic headwinds.

More than 20 thousand police officers, anti-riot contingents, and troops were deployed in Metropolitan Manila, where a gun ban has been imposed, to secure the late-afternoon ceremony, before a joint session of Congress at the House of Representatives.

About 5 thousand flag-waving protesters were allowed to march until noon, along a key road away from congress. They issued a range of demands, from government aid and fuel subsidy amid a soaring cost of living to justice for human rights victims, under Marcos jr.'s father, a late dictator who was ousted in a 19-86 pro-democracy "people power" uprising.

They asked Marcos jr. To outline a clear roadmap out of the economic hardships, wrought by two years of corona virus pandemic lockdowns, and the global fallout from Russia's invasion of Ukraine.