'Historic Goodbye' to Queen Elizabeth II

N/A • 13 September 2022 00:21

On to the latest on the "Historic Goodbye" to the Monarch, who had reigned for 70 years. A service of remembrance will be held for the Queen Elizabeth II, until the official State Funeral at Westminster Abbey on September 19th.
In London, Wellwishers Cheered as Britain's King Charles III left buckingham palace in a Motorcade on Sunday. Even as he mourned his late mother, King Charles III got to work at Buckingham Palace, meeting with the secretary-general and other representatives of the commonwealth.
After leaving balmoral castle, Queen Elizabeth II coffin was driven slowly to Edinburgh where it will rest overnight at the palace of Holyroodhouse. King Charles III and Camilla the Queen Consort will fly to Edinburgh Monday, where they attend a service of remembrance for the queen visit the Scottish parliament and meet senior officials.

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