Startups in Indonesia Still Faces Difficulty Finding Investor

1 March 2023 02:09

Until now, start-up businesses still have difficulty getting investors. Due to the fact that most investors tend to be more selective and consider the sustainability of start-ups. Start-ups need support from the government in order to develop their businesses, especially after the covid-19 pandemic where we saw the phenomenon of mass layoffs from start-ups. The looming threat of a global recession in 2023 is a challenge that startup businesses must face. 

Start-up owners' high expectations of the market encourage massive business expansions so when the reality of the market doesn't live up to the expectations or layoffs are inevitable. Co-founder and CEO of Finnix, a start-up in the technology sector Reinhart Hermanus admitted that they are still facing challenges in securing investors. indonesia's investment market prospects have changed according to Reinhart.

Similar sentiments were also said by Rama Mamuaya, Founder and CEO of Social Daily that startups need investors to maintain the company's cash flow and generate profits in the long run. The business and investment matching fair alongside Danamon bank served as a platform for start-up businesses to meet potential investors. 

Vice President Director of Bank Danamon Indonesia, Honggo Widjojo Kangmasto said that investment matching can certainly help startups to find potential investors.