Irianian Embassy Denies Allegations of Violence Against Mahsa Amini

21 October 2022 00:10

The Islamic Republic of Iran admits that it has implemented transparency and justice as the main approach in dealing with the incident that caused the death of 22 year old woman Mahsa Amini that has sparked unrest in the country.

Iranian Ambassador to Indonesia, Mohammad Azad said the riots that occurred in the Islamic Republic of Iran recently took advantage of the death of Mahsa Amini who was used by the enemies to interfere in domestic affairs. The supreme leader of theIslamic Republic of Iran stated that what happened in iran had nothing to do with the death of mahsa amini the hijab and women's rights.

He said that according to the law of the Islamic Republic of Iran various peaceful actions and the expression of aspirations through demonstrations are indeed legalized, however, the Islamic Republic of Iran is like other countries in the world which cannot allow unrest and chaos to be created by a few people. Who are provoked by the west and the zionist regime of Israel.

Iran accuses that in this Riot, political leaders of the united states the zionist regime of israel and parts of europe along with their media abused the tragic incident that had been investigated by supporting the Riots in Iran.