US and Chinese Join ASEAN Defence Ministers Meeting in Cambodia

23 November 2022 00:20

The US and Chinese Minister of Defense are joining ASEAN Defence Ministers in Siem Reap, Cambodia, as they will hold a talk to discuss strained bilateral relations, regional and global security issues.

The key is set for Wednesday (23/11/2022), but without Myanmar representative. Earlier Cambodia decided to disinvite Myanmar's Minister of Defense to the key meeting which will involve the United States and China.

Tensions in South East Asia including Myanmar and South China Sea disputes have disrupted confidence and stability in the region. China's claim on nine-dash line has turn South China Sea to be new hotspot, where some countries involve into it. China conflict with Taiwan will also affect the region directly, as they share waters territory as borderline.

The United States and China play important in the region. But their presence in ASEAN Defence Minister meeting has opened the possibility that the two will hold face-to-face discussions. China's Defense Minister General Wei Fenghe arrived at Tuesday's (22/11/2022), Association of Southeast Asian Nations Defense Ministers' meeting-plus shortly after US Defense Minister Lloyd Austin.