Joe Biden Meets Xi Jinping in Bali

N/A • 16 November 2022 09:37

President Xi Jinping and US President Joe Biden said on Monday that they are ready to continue candid and indepth exchange of views and open and honest dialogue.

Xi and Biden met on monday ahead of the group of G20 summit in Indonesia's resort island of Bali. It has been over 50 years since China and the United States started initial contact and established diplomatic relations.

President Joe Biden held a three hour talk with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping their first in-person encounter since biden took office and an opportunity that both sides appeared to hope would lead to an improvement in rapidly deteriorating relations.

Emerging afterward, Biden told reporters he was open and candid with Xi about the range of matters where beijing and washington disagree. He cast doubt on an imminent invasion of self-governing taiwan and seemed hopeful his message about avoiding all-out conflict was received. Xi Jinping said the current state of China and US relations. Is what both sides are concerned about. 

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(Rezahra Nurjannah)