Severe Floods Hit Indonesia

7 January 2023 01:20

Torrential rainfall which started from last December 2022 to the beginning of January 2023 in Indonesia has caused floods in some regions across the archipelago.

In Maros, a regency in Sulawesi Island, a meter and a half flood has submerged neighborhoods and blocked roads. The situation is getting worse along the Maros River where water is overflowing to nearby villages.

So far, hundreds of residents have been evacuated to some safe shelters. Local authorities are in response by deploying food and aid. Indonesia's meteorology climate and geophysics agency has warned that the Maros regency will see strong wind and heavy rainfall until January 7th, 2023. 

In Java Island, floods have troubled some regencies along Northern Central Java Province. Floods have submerged vast areas of Jepara for almost a week. People's activities are paralyzed so far. Rubber boats become the only vehicle people can use to transport themselves.

Local disaster response teams have deployed food and aid. The condition might be worse after Indonesia's meteorology climate and geophysics agency warned that a full moon will cause potential tidal floods in the region until January 15th, 2023.