UK Police Department Issues Apology Over David Carrick’s 2 Decades of Sexual Offending

18 January 2023 01:15

The Metropolitan Police has apologised following the conviction of a serving officer who admitted to committing dozens of offences against women including 24 counts of rape, Tuesday (17/1/2023).

Police constable David Carrick (48) met his victims through dating websites. pleaded guilty to 49 offences in the period of two decades.

His offences spanned from 2003 to 2020 and mostly took place in Hertfordshire, North of London, where he lived. However, Carrick was allowed to continue serving, despite complaints against him going back to the year two thousand.

The metropolitan police, at last, have apologised and acknowledged that his abusive behaviour should have been picked up. Carrick who admitted 24 counts of rape, was suspended from duty when he was arrested in October 2021.