Cambodian Leader Launches Collection of Stolen Angkor Jewels

N/A • 18 March 2023 02:45

Cambodian Leader Hun Sen unveiled a collection of stolen angkor crown jewellery, which was recently returned to the kingdom after decades in Britain. 

A collection of centuries-old Cambodian jewelry has been returned to the Southeast Asian country, the latest to be retrieved from the esyate of well-nwon antiquities collector and dealer douglas Latchford, wh was accused of buying and selling looted artifacts. 

The country's ministry of culture and fine arts said that 77 pieced of jewellery from the latchford family collection arrived back in their homeland. They included items such as gold and other precious metal pieces from the pre-angkorian and angkorian period including crowns, necklaces, bracelets, belts, earrings and amulets.

Experts believe many or most of the items latchford handled were looted from cambodia duing periods of war and instablitiy, including in the 1970s, when the country was under the rule of the khmer rouge.

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(Heri Dwi Okta R)