Ukrainians Celebrate St. Nicholas Day

N/A • 21 December 2022 04:03

To mark the holiday of Saint Nicholas day, a train carrying more than 30 thousand gifts and school supplies was unveiled in Kyiv's central railway station on Monday, before it departs to reach children in Kharkiv, Kherson, Bakhmut, and other recently retaken Ukrainian territories.

The joint initiative by the ministry of social policy Ukraine railways and Unicef aims to bring a bit of holiday cheer to young Ukrainians impacted by the Russian invasion.

A total of $102 million of additional cash assistance will be rpovided to 123 thousand vulnerable families in Ukraine. It is estimated that some 7 million children are currently without electricity in the country.

As Ukraine deals with energy blackouts due to Russian attacks on critical infrastructure, some are coming up with creative solutions to mark the holidays at the Kyiv central railway station, the christmas tree's lights are powered by a stationary bicycle which travelers and residents can jump on to stay warm and bring some light.
(Hajid Arrafi)