Turkiye Earthquake Aftermath, Two Indonesian Citizens has Died

N/A • 9 February 2023 01:27

Indonesian Embassy in Ankara, Turkiye confirmed that two Indonesian citizen has died due to Monday's powerful earthquake that hit Turkiye and Syria hardest.

According to Indonesian Embassy on Wednesday (8/2/2023), the body of Indonesian who was originally from Bali was dicovered under ruble of a collapsed building.

The Indonesian victim, named Nia Marlinda was found dead with her one-year old child and her Turkish husband in Kahraman Maras, according to Indonesian Ambassador to Turkiye Lalu Muhammad Iqbal.

The embassy has contacted the victim's family for coordination about the body. Separately, Indonesian Embassy has evacuated hundreds of Indonesians from disaster affected areas to Ankara. The Embassy has also distributed a truck of aid to affected areas since Tuesday (7/2/2023).
(Nienda Farras Athifah)