Toraja Traditional Market Event to Boost Local Economy

1 March 2023 02:44

To support economic growth, the local Government of Emba Tau, Tikala sub-district in North Toraja South Sulawesi held a tourism-themed traditional market by selling a number of local products and was visited by many buyers.

Enthusiasm was high as the local community welcomed the traditional market with a tourism theme in Emba Tau, Tikala in North Toraja, South Sulawesi. Many people have come to this market to shop for everything from local vegetables and handicraft products such as carved wooden cups, and miniature traditional Toraja houses or bags to typical Toraja knick-knacks that are commonly used as souvenirs.

According to the head of Embatau Village, Rio this traditional market event aims to boost the local economy. Meanwhile, according to one of the sellers Ester Salubongga, the traditional market is held by the local government helps them sell their products to the wider community.

This traditional market event is expected to further promote local culture with the hopes of boosting the economic growth of the village.