King Charles III Arrives at Buckingham Palace

15 September 2022 00:25

King Charles III has arrived at Buckingham Palace, hours before Queen Elizabeth the second's coffin will leave the palace for the last time. The Queen's coffin will be taken amid somber pageantry on a horse-drawn gun carriage, past crowds of mourners to the Houses of Parliament.
There, the late monarch will lie in state for four days. King charles III and other members of the royal family will walk behind the coffin. At least thousands of people are gathering on the mall outside Buckingham Palace and along the banks of the river thames hours before the coffin procession begins.
Meanwhile, Mourners from the United Kingdom and other parts of the world, waited in queue on Wednesday, to see the late Queen Elizabeth the second's coffin lying-in-state in london from later in the day.
Some people at the front of the queue outside the 900-year-old westminster hall arrived on Monday morning and have been waiting in wet weather since then. Hundreds of thousands of mourners are expected to see the queen's coffin for four days, before her state funeral on Monday.