Prostester’s Voicing Emancipation of Women & Better Economic Conditions in Turkey

N/A • 10 March 2023 04:32

Women in some countries in the world took to the streets for celebrating International Women's Day. Most of them are voicing up for women's rights in their society.
In Turkey,  women braved an official ban on an International Women’s Day march in Istanbul, demonstrating for about two hours, before police used tear gas to disperse the remaining protestors and detained several people.
For a second year running organizers were forbidden from marching down the popular Istiklal Pedestrian avenue in Turkey's biggest city where Women's Day marches were held since 2003.
Police blocked demonstrators' access to the avenue and according to journalists from the associated press, officers detain at least 30 people and use tear gas after the group ended their demonstration at 9 p.m local time.
Local authorities who banned the march said the area was not an authorized demonstration site/ and claimed the march could provoke segments of Turkish society, leading to verbal or physical attacks to be misused by terror groups and threaten national security as well as curtail freedom of movement in the cultural and touristic area.

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(Rulif Augheri Nail)