King Charles III Attends Service For Queen Elizabeth II at Cathedral

N/A • 17 September 2022 01:05

Britain's King Charles III and Camilla The Queen Consort attended a service in Llandaff Cathedral in Cardiff on Friday as part of an official visit to Wales.

They were later due at the Welsh parliament and Cardiff castle. For more than 50 years up to his mother queen Elizabeth II death last week when Charles was the prince of Wales a title that has now passed to his son prince William.

The royal couple previously visited to Scotland and Northern Ireland the other nations making up the United Kingdom following last week’s death of queen Elizabeth the second at age 96. Later Friday the new king is scheduled to receive faith leaders at Buckingham palace in London before joining his siblings for a vigil around the queen’s coffin in Westminster Hall.

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(Arya Sandhi Nuzulal)