Indonesia Relieves Fuel Price with Social Aid

31 August 2022 02:37

Indonesia plans to relieve economic burden with new social aids, worth a total of 24 point 7 trillion rupiahs, to anticipate higher fuel prices in the near future.

After attending a meeting at the President's Office in Jakarta Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati announced that there will be 3 kinds of social aids to be implemented, in anticipation of possible rising fuel prices.

The government is preparing financial aid for low-income families of which at least 20 point 65 million have been registered,  each family will receive 600 thousand rupiahs every month.

Financial aid will also be received by 16 million workers. the government also will spend subsidies for public transportation through local governments.

Sri Mulyani also explained, that global pressures are burdening Indonesians. It has weighed food prices with continuous inflation.

Food inflation, is also signaling a possible increase of fuel prices. However, as of now, the government has not confirmed whether or not there will be an increase of subsidized fuel prices.